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By Roberto Boholst
Jan 21st, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters of CSIL,

With joy and gratitude, I share with you some of the stories that made 2018 a very unforgettable year for us at Colégio de Sto. Inácio de Loiola, Timor Leste.

Finally, we graduate our first batch of students from Senior High School. To our great surprise and honor, our students were included in all places in the ranking of the Top 3 grades in the National Examinations, both in the Natural Sciences and Technology track and the Social Sciences and Humanities track. Both the Senior and Junior High got a 100% passing rate. Our Junior High graduates missed the first place in the ranking, but two of our students were in the second place, and one in the third place.

Two of our pioneer graduates are going to pursue their higher studies at Sophia University, while our Valedictorian is a finalist for a scholarship in South Korea. Everyone is waiting for the result of the National University’s selection process. Others are busy looking for available scholarships abroad. We are grateful because some donors and friends are also manifesting their desire to help those who will eventually study in the country.


We have the structure of governance in place, job descriptions, and plans. However, we still have to train our people. We need to strengthen our supervision and evaluation procedures to be more efficient and effective in our implementation of the policies and procedures.

  • FACULTY: More or less we have the number of teachers to run the whole school, but they need further formation especially on Ignatian Pedagogy. The Faculty and Administrative Manuals are in process. Ranking and Promotion must be clear to all. Supervision and Evaluation of Faculty and Staff’s performance must be strengthened.
  • ACADEMICS: The Portuguese language continues to be a challenge. Lesson Planning according to the Ignatian Pedagogy is still to be implemented. All systems and procedures are in place. We just have to ensure consistency and professionalism. While we are academically competitive based on our students’ performance in examinations and competitions, we still want the magis.
  • STUDENT DISCIPLINE: Systems and procedures are in place. We just have to be consistent and rigorous in the implementation of our Code of Discipline. Communication is very important. Proper collection and record of data is crucial. Prevention is better than curative. If only we have a Guidance Counselor, then we can greatly help our confused students.
  • ADMISSIONS: We try to be inclusive, but very crucial is the openness of the student to be formed. We get the best, but we also give space for the others, and the process involves long deliberation and consideration of available data. For 2019, we have decided to add another section in Year 10 in response to the need of ISJB students who need more classes, preferably in Senior High for their class observations and practicum. We also want to give space for outsiders to enter Senior High, while we make sure that our very own Junior High graduates are taken in, if they pass the selection process.
  • FORMATION PROGRAM: This makes us different from the other schools. While we follow entirely the curriculum of the Government, our formation programs provide other venues for the students to develop their talents and skills, to deepen their personal knowledge and relationships, and to grow in their self-confidence and in their faith in God.
  • EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Young people need some fun-filled activities to enjoy the grueling process of learning and discovering who they really are.
  • CONSTRUCTIONS AND MAINTENANCE: We basically have all the necessary facilities to promote learning. Our task now is to properly maintain them. We just had the blessing of the chapel. The conversation on the Science Laboratory was put on hold because the cost was higher than what our donor could give. We are thinking seriously about the space for Ulmera Project. We are still waiting for the installation of the lights at the Multi-Purpose Hall. Initial talks had been done on Two-Story Change Rooms, Showers, Toilets, Storage Rooms, Music Room, and Back Stage. We are still looking for skilled local worker to be part of our maintenance team.
  • LANDSCAPING: We hired two gardeners for the upkeep of the entire campus. We still have to train them. We have been promoting the idea of having a green and clean campus, to lessen the dust, and also in response to the environmental concerns we are facing today.
  • FINANCE: We still have to learn more on this area. The school is getting big, but we still closely rely to the Region’s finance systems and procedures.
  • FUND-RAISING: We are very weak on this. All these years, we have been relying on the Regional Curia to raise funds.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Fr. Ura is the one responsible for this, and he reports regularly to the Director. Decisions are approved by the Director.
  • SUPPORT SERVICES: We have a very good library; perhaps, the best in East Timor. The clinic is very helpful. The canteen services are improving. The laboratory needs a system. We still need more photocopying machines for students. The transportation system is improving with the hard works of the Council of Parents. We need a new vehicle to replace the old truck that we inherited from Colégio de São José.


    • Student Population at the start of the School Year: 694 students.
    • End of the Year: 681 students. We hired 10 new teachers, and 5 new staff.
    • New library is now ready for use.
    • Our new canteen is managed by the Jesuit Social Service.
    • We are now occupying the new Administration Building.
    • Additional days for the Orientation of New Students.
    • Holy Spirit Mass
    • Reading of Honors per Class for the Third Trimester of 2017 Clubs and Class Organizations.
    • Extra-Curricular activities for the students.
    • Professional Development for the teachers.
    • Exhibition of Learning for the Year 12 students, a very simple research paper on a chosen topic.
    • Melissa Alifa da Costa of 12 A Loiola and Geovania Garret Mouzinho Freitas of 12 CT B Xavier were named as candidates for scholarship at Sophia University.
    • Visit of Dr. Jose Manuel Ramos Horta, a prominent national leader, Nobel Peace prize winner, came to visit CSIL upon the invitation of Mr. Simon Fischer, the organizer of Bola ba Dame Club at school.
    • Jania Oriena Maia Martins of 11 A Kostka, won First Place competed in the Black History Month trivia competition at UmaAmerika at UNTL.
    • Received donations from Xavier College, Melbourne, which sent via Rotary Club boxes of books, school supplies, jackets, clothes and coloring materials.
    • Loyola Football Club placed second in the Futsal Cup organized by the Portuguese School in Dili. Table Tennis tables arrived.
    • Stations of the Cross organized by the Pastoral Team and the Loyola Wolves.
    • Loiola Cup VI activities: Modern and Traditional Fashion Show, Music and Sports, Dance and Academic Competitions
    • Despedida for Scholastic Pradeep Robert, S.J. who returned to India for his Theological studies.
    • Faculty and Staff Retreat in Maubara with Fr. Venancio da Costa Pereira, SJ.
    • Inauguration of ISJB
    • Arrival of Scholastic Justino Soares Boavida, S.J., an East Timorese regent who just finished his philosophical studies in India.

  • MAY
    • Year 12’s Exhibition of Learning Presentations.
    • Basic Education Secretaries Annual Meeting in Jakarta.
    • Visit to Japan: Fr.Ura, Prof. Francisco, Geovania and Melissa. A special Teacher-Exchange Program between CSIL and the Jesuit schools of Japan.
    • Distribution of Report Cards and Reading of Honors.
    • Visit of the Dili Diocese’ Minor Seminary to CSIL
  • JUNE
    • Visitors from Singapore with Fr. Weyms Sanchez, S.J., the second Director of CSIL who is pursuing a Masters in Education in Singapore.
    • Sharing of stories on the visit in Japan and the attendance of some students to an international conference in Kuala Lumpur.
    • Jesuits of East Timor Region Strategic Planning Workshop.
    • Visit of the students from Australia and the ordination of Fr. Albino R. Gonçalves, S.J.
  • JULY
    • Regional Thanksgiving Mass of Fr. Albino, S.J. held in Kasait, and a Simple Program as Tribute to outgoing Regional Superior, Fr. Mark Raper, S.J.
    • English Language Teaching Formation Program attended by Mr. Nuno, organized by the Ministry of Education in Liquiça.
    • Second Trimester Examinations.
    • Feast of St. Ignatius
    • Awarding Ceremonies of Loiola Cup VI

To see more pictures and read the complete report please click here.

We thank the Lord for all the good things He has continually blessed us. We have so many blessings to count. We thank you, all our supporter and friends, who believed in us.

Now, all the year levels are in place, so we have more confidence as we enter the classrooms. We can build on our experiences these past six years, to improve our systems and procedures. Perhaps, we can now focus on strengthening whatever practices we may have, deepening our rootedness in Ignatian Spirituality, and mastering Ignatian Pedagogy.

We continue to learn. Every year is unique and different. The composition of the school changes and the relationship dynamics varies, so we continue to adjust. We hope and pray that the coming School Year 2019 will be more productive and equally blessed as the previous years.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. May God continue to bless us all!

Very truly yours,
Fr. Roberto M. Boholst, S.J.
School Director