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Visitation High School prefects, club leaders and a few teachers on Wednesday the 24th of February participated in a Jesuit Education Write-shop designed to stimulate writing skills of young leaders and creatively expressing Jesuit values. 
Write shops ZimbabweThe Write shop, primarily targeting student leaders in Jesuit run schools was organised by the province’s Jesuit Education Office in collaboration with Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust (ACPDT) and was held in the school’s lecture theatre.
About 35 females and 25 male students, one male and one female teachers participated in the write shop.
The participants engaged in exciting writing sessions to creatively express their identity and Jesuit Education values with each participant scripting and reading out to the participants. 
Introducing the program to the students, Jesuit Education Projects Coordinator Mr Colbert Mpofu urged the student leaders to actively and creatively incorporate Ignatian values in their work a student leaders.
“We want to see a difference with the way you do things…we want to see you taking more pride in yourselves as young leaders and we are basing on Ignatian values and how you incorporate them into leadership skills when you work with other students,” said Mr Mpofu.
The write shop also aimed at enhancing the participant’s understanding of spirituality, identity and expressing themselves termed the voice.

Source: The Zimbabwe-Mozambique Jesuit Province website