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As we approach the Feast of St. Ignatius, many of us in Jesuit schools and organizations around the world are planning ways to mark and to celebrate this day. In the spirit of Ignatius’ travels and constant quest to seek more and to go further and deeper, we would like to invite you to celebrate this day, together with your students, by connecting with other Jesuit schools around the world.

We will ask students to share one question they would like to ask St. Ignatius if he were still alive today. Another student from a different school will then answer as he/she thinks Ignatius would have answered.

How will we connect with other schools?

We will be hosting two Connected Classroom virtual connections on July 20th (one at 8am GMT and one at 3pm GMT). Simply join the classroom here and let us know in the classroom chat box which connection you would prefer to join.

How will the live connection work?

We will create a link for each of the two connections. On the day you can access the live video connection by simply clicking on this link. If you have never used Connected Classrooms before and would like you do a test run with a member of the Educate Magis team beforehand, just let us know in the chat box within the classroom here or email us directly to info@educatemagis.org and we will organize this brief test run.

What technology do you need?

–          A laptop or computer with a stable internet connection

–          A projector so students will be able to see what’s happening on a big screen

–          Speakers so students will be able to hear well

–          An external microphone (if you have one – this is not compulsory) to improve the sound quality

What age group is this connection for?

This connection is for student between the ages of 12 and 18.

What language will it be held in?

The questions and answers will be in English. We will then invite students to share their wishes for St. Ignatius Day to Jesuit schools around the globe in their own language! 

Why are there two different sessions?

We will be hosting two sessions to allow for schools from different time zones to pick the one which suits best.

Why should you join this?

–          To give your students the opportunity to interact with students in Jesuit schools in other parts of the world.

–          To celebrate St. Ignatius Day in a fun, creative and innovative way.

–          To experience Connected Classrooms as you may wish to use it again.

To join this unique global experience, please click on this link and join the virtual classroom by clicking ‘Join’. If you have any other questions we invite you to share them in the classroom chat box.

We hope you will be able to join us and other Jesuit schools around the world to celebrate St. Ignatius Day together!