“WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?” – A LENTEN INITIATIVE FOR SCHOOLS. Invite your students to reflect on their relationship with God, with their neighbor, and with the Earth.

Groups of students from Jesuit schools in Poland, India, the Philippines, Croatia, and the United Kingdom gathered virtually to celebrate Christmas in an Ignatian way. They shared inspiring reflections on what they felt God may be saying to us this Christmas. The student’s Christmas spirit shone through beautiful songs, drawings, and poems.

>> St Ignatius says that God is always trying to reach us, has a very specific message for us, and is present in unexpected ways. What could God be saying to you this Christmas? What do you have to listen for?

This was the question provided for the reflection. During the Connected Classroom, we all attentively listened to a number of meaningful and heartwarming answers to this reflection question.  For example, students from KOSTKA Jesuit Public High School in Poland reflected on the fragility of human beings and how brothers can stand against brothers, and invited us to show people that this is not the solution and to stay united and always be ready to support one another, letting the peace of Christ rule in our hearths. St. Joseph’s CBSE School in Bangalore, India reminded us of the importance of the Advent season and of developing our full potential, all for the greater Glory of God. Wimbledon College, in the UK, shared examples of their generosity in supporting charities during this season. St. Aloysius Gonzaga School in Mangaluru, India encouraged us to dedicate our lives to making a million lives better. Jesuit Classical High School in Croatia, made a remark on the importance of following Jesus’ example, no matter what, and Ateneo de Davao Grade School and High School in the Philippines ensured us that God makes us strong to face challenges and that by praying we become stronger, so there is no need for being fearful of change.

Students from Jesuit schools in Mexico, Chile, the Philippines, Italy, and the United States also joined this beautiful celebration by sharing their reflections and Christmas wishes in a video format because they were not able to attend the virtual live celebration. For example, de 3rd year secondary students from Instituto Oriente de Puebla in Mexico shared that God is inviting them this Christmas to show more solidarity with the people around them, be thankful for family and for what they have learned in school, and have a more joyful attitude, controlling their negative emotions.

Here is a video summary of all the reflections shared by the students.

As in previous years, the Christmas wishes segment surprised us with fantastic performances of talented students who sang, played musical instruments, showcased beautiful artworks, and recited poems. These presentations were specially created, not only to light our Connected Classroom with joy but also to share happiness, peace, and love beyond borders, in all corners of our planet.

Watch the video summary of all the Christmas wishes here!

We are immensely grateful for witnessing such enthusiasm from each student, and for the generosity of their teachers who took the time to prepare and accompany their students. There were several teachers who were unable to attend the live virtual Christmas Connected Classroom but they have sent us videos with beautiful Christmas wishes, which we share below. Thank you all, and Merry Christmas!