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The Latin American Network of Jesuit Schools, FLACSI, invited all Jesuit school communities of the world to participate in the Instagram Competition #WeAreAllEarth, to celebrate Earth Day and pay tribute to our planet on April 22nd. The Society of Jesus invites us to be conscious of the fact that we live in a common home, and of the fact that we need to care for our Earth.  

Thanks for the wonderful participation (the competition entries exceeded our expectations!) it was impossible to select one single winner! As a result, as well as the final winner, we selected 5 categories, each with a first and second place winner.

What are the categories and who are the winners?

Category 1 – ‘Love of Biodiversity’   

Earth Day 2017

1st Place – Colegio San José, Colombia

Earth Day 2017

2nd Place – Kids Village Pre School, Florida, USA

Category 2 – ‘The Wonders of Water’

Earth Day 2017

1st Place – Colegio del Salvador, Argentina

Earth Day 2017

2nd Place – Colégio Anchieta, Brazil

Category 3 – ‘Love of the Earth’

Earth Day 2017

1st Place – Colégio Medianeira, Brazil

Earth Day 2017

2nd Place – Xavier High School, Micronesia

Category 4 – ‘Quality of Life’

Earth Day 2017

1st Place – Escuelas San José, Spain

Earth Day 2017

2nd Place – Jesuit College Preparatory, USA

Category 5 – ‘Sowing Life’

Earth Day 2017

1st Place – Colégio Santo Inácio de Loiolá, East Timor

Earth Day 2017

2nd Place – Colegio Kostka, Santander, Spain

Overall Competition Winner

Earth Day 2017

Colégio Medianeira, Brazil

See all the Spanish and Portuguese entries here with the hashtags #TodosSomosTierra / #TodosSomosTerra

See all the English entries here with the hashtag #WeAreAllEarth

To read this in Spanish, click here.

Thank you all for participating in this colourful global Instagram competition!! We enjoyed seeing the creative and diverse ways you expressed your care for our common home. Happy Earth Day!

Here is the album with a selection of photos from the Instagram competition. Enjoy!