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COVID-19 Resources and Recomendations Shared by Educators from our Global Community

The Walk a Mile in My Shoes Project has been tailored to host an online refugee awareness exercise to provide individuals and school communities with an opportunity to pause and experience, if only vicariously, and for a few moments, the frustrations, disappointments and hopes that refugees around the world face.

Today, almost 80 million people are displaced around the world. While it is impossible to fully comprehend what it is like to be forced from your home and live as a refugee, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA invites you to host a Walk a Mile in My Shoes Refugee Awareness Exercise.

With social distancing measures in place, it may be difficult to gather your community, but you can still host a refugee awareness exercise, and we’ve put together a resource to help you virtually gather and Walk a Mile.

Access the Walk a Mile guide on how to make the experience a virtual one and see and use our fresher looking identity cards with QR codes so people can be directly linked to a story on our website. For these and more materials please follow this link “Walk a Mile in a Refugees Shoes”

Gather your family, friends, classmates, or fellow parishioners and see what it might be like to Walk a Mile in a refugee’s shoes!

Refugee Awareness Exercise from Jesuit Refugee Service | USA on Vimeo.