“WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?” – A LENTEN INITIATIVE FOR SCHOOLS. Invite your students to reflect on their relationship with God, with their neighbor, and with the Earth.

In this article originally published in the Xavier Jesuit School Cambodia newsletter, Xavier Jesuit School (XJS) explains how it instills values in students through their Value Formation class.

Xavier Jesuit School students took the 1st-semester final exam. For a few days, studying all night and taking the exam for a whole day, the students looked tired and nervous. “I hope I can get a high score on this test.” That’s what many students expressed after the exam. When we asked why they should do well on the exam, they answered, “For the future.”

The most common answer among the students was, unsurprisingly, to get a “good grade” and go to a “good school” to have a “good job.” According to them, a good job supporting the family without difficulties is a bright future. But on the other hand, what else does our school want to instill in students ‘bright future dream’?

“Xavier Jesuit School promotes the integral development of the whole person. Our mission is to form young men and women of conscience with competence, compassion, and commitment, who will contribute creatively to the building up a just and democratic society while serving and caring for the poor.”_ Misson of Xavier Jesuit School Cambodia

Our school is trying to raise a person who knows how to take care of oneself and extend this ‘care’ to others and society with deep understanding and consideration for others. From the beginning of the second semester, XJS Secondary school wants to instill values in students through the Value Formation class. The class will be held every week alongside various activities in the school to seek their interests and making chances that students can share their talents by volunteering.

The educational goal of the Value Formation class is to form competent students into conscientious leaders in compassionate service to others. The primary purpose of this lesson is to provide students with an overview of the pedagogy of the Jesuit School, which is Competence, Conscience, Compassion, Commitment, and Leadership.

Answers to “What kind of person do you want to be?” from 60 Grade 9 students at XJS Cambodia

Students will be accompanied by Fr. Tama SJ from Indonesia and measure how they can grow in Xavier Jesuit School through studying 4Cs (Competence, Conscience, Compassion, and Commitment). In the first class, students spent time watching videos of other Xavier Jesuit schools around the world. The students had never met the students in the video. Still, while watching other XJS activities, they felt they belong in the same XJS community by helping and serving others, showing their talents, and supporting friends’ talents simultaneously. Chhon Ichsim, Grade 9, shared that he felt proud that he’s also one of the members of Xavier Jesuit School Community.

In this class, students will keep asking and answering back about 4Cs and how they can practice in their lives.

With the reflection on themselves and encounters throughout their daily lives, XJS hopes these values can compass students’ bright future.