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By William Watson, S.J.
Oct 19th, 2015

Greetings Educate Magis Community:

Twenty one years ago, I rediscovered the Examen in my Jesuit and priestly life. I was at that time taking a sabbatical in Northern Ireland from my work at Georgetown University as founder/director of the Retreat Program’s Office. I was a bit shocked to discover on my year away how disconnected I was to God in my day-to-day life. At this time, I was also discovering with my retreat work that no matter how powerful the retreat experience for students, faculty, alumni or board members, the real faith challenge was being aware of God in the midst of profoundly busy and hectic lives.

That is why I later devoted a doctoral degree to the Ignatian Examen and build an entire institute around this profoundly transformative Ignatian discipline. Sacred Story Institute started this past August a two year research project to build a teen platform for the Examen called True Heart – Sacred Story Teen. We will do this with input of hundreds of high school faculty from high schools, Catholic and Jesuit, from North America through Latin America. Watch the video and stay tuned for updates over the course of the two year project. Bless you in your work with students and with the Examen!


William Watson, S.J.


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