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COVID-19 Resources and Recomendations Shared by Educators from our Global Community
By Educate Magis
Jan 3rd, 2020

Your contribution in 2019 was amazing! Interesting projects, ideas and discussions emerged from your participation in “Conversations” on Educate Magis. We had great discussions about the Universal Apostolic Preferences, Global Citizenship, the environment, curricular and extra-curricular subjects such as Chess virtual connections, Music and Flipped Classrooms, important reflections on the Examen, discerning the role of social media in Jesuit schools, the IPP, your dream for your country and more.

These conversations and others are now sources of information for future collaboration and serve as inspiration for further conversational exchanges. But there were two conversations in particular which stood out in 2019 because of their nature of allowing members to get to known each other and to just share a simple “Hello”. “Welcome by the Global Community” and “Getting to know each other by the Global Community”. One could even say that these conversations show the soul and the richness of the diversity of our global community and could even become a great resource which could allow us to develop further global connections and to strengthen our global network.

We invite you to read and keep participating in any of the conversations which we have chosen has the Top 10 Conversations of 2019 or to create new ones. We look forward to a new year with more exciting global connections and collaborations.

Remember that it does not matter what language the conversations are written in as all of them include the multilingual translation tool.

1.       Welcome by the Global Community

2.       Getting to know each other by the Global Community

3.       Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm Experience by Vincentius, a school chaplain from Macau, China.

4.       Universal Apostolic Preferences by Daniel, a teacher from Washington DC, United States.

5.       What is your dream for your country? By James, an educator in Boston, United States.

6.       Discerning the Role of Social Media in a Jesuit School by Carlos, a Regent from Lima, Perú.

7.       Hello music teachers and musicians by Roisin, a music teacher in Limerick, Ireland.

8.       Sustainability in our schools: Where to begin? By Jennie, Director of Global Engagement and Sustainability from Oregon, United States.

9.       Sharing experiences about the Examen by Francesca, a Technology and Didactic French teacher from Milan, Italy.

10.   The Laramie Project by Paul, a Math teacher from Washington, United States.

As well as these wonderful conversations, we also want to highlight a conversation that has been going on since 2016! Imagine, three years ago we were already discussing how to animate the global dimension in our schools. This and other conversations related to Global Citizenship have been of great help to the ongoing growth and development in Jesuit schools around the world as they facilitate and animate the global dimensions of their school.

How can we animate the global dimensions of our Jesuit schools? By Dan, the Vice President for Global Mission and Identity in Boston, United States.

We would like to invite you to keep conversing, exchanging opinions, ideas, projects, reflecting, saying hello and sharing your dreams and hopes. There are many more interesting conversations taking place! To view them and  to create a new one please follow this link Educate Magis Conversations. Thank you for a wonderful 2019!