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COVID-19 Resources and Recomendations Shared by Educators from our Global Community
By Artur Pruś
Jun 16th, 2020

This is the 4th Therapeutic and Spiritual Exercise called “Three Relationships” tailored for students, teachers and parents to practice during this uncertain times. The exercises are interactive and invite to sharing our experiences and reflections to inspire and let ourselves be inspired by others. You can do them on a computer, tablet and/or laptop.

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Here is the fourth excercise

– 4th exercise: The Fragility Liberates

Our relationships are now limited. The number of meetings is reduced to a minimum and in some cases even to zero. But it’s also true that only the most important relationships are left. We can divide them into three groups.

The first is RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER PEOPLE – we are “imprisoned” with the most important people in our life now. Another group is our RELATIONSHIP WITH OURSELVES – there are favorable conditions to eventually meet our true self. The last type is our RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR whose voice can be heard much clearer in silence. So can this time of “no meetings” paradoxically turn out to be the “deepest meeting” we’ve had? I believe so and this exercise can help you with that.

In English

For adults: www.isp.gonzagapalermo.it/three-relationships/

For youths: www.isp.gonzagapalermo.it/youths-three-relationships/

In Italian

Per gli adulti: http://www.gonzagapalermo.it/tre-rapporti/

Per i giovani: www.gonzagapalermo.it/ragazzi-tre-rapporti/


In Polish

Dla dorosłych: https://forms.gle/4LAAB99aNBREZfAE7

Dla młodzieży: https://forms.gle/jMgZFgPP7isFmB618