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By Brenna Davis
Feb 18th, 2020

We’re saying farewell to food waste this Lent, and each week will offer a food waste mini challenge. Challenges are tailored toward: people who have control over their food choices and people who have little or no control over their food choices (ex: college students, members of religious orders, etc.).

You’ll receive a weekly email with the mini challenge as well as tips, reflection questions, and prayer suggestions.

Week 1: Introduction to a Food Waste Free Lent
Week 2: Organization/Storage
Week 3: Meal Planning
Week 4: Eating Out
Week 5: Industrial Food Waste
Week 6: Compost
Week 7: Sustainable Celebrations

Ready to take the challenge? Here are the steps to fast from food waste:

Step one: Sign up for the challenge to receive weekly updates with pointers for living a food-waste-free life as well as opportunities to pray and advocate on the issue of food waste.

Step two: Share a photo and short reflection on each week’s challenge on Instagram, then follow and tag @ignatiansolidarity and @earthbeatncr and use #LentenFoodWasteFast.

Each week’s posters will be entered to win a prize. (Note: your profile must be set to public on Instagram in order to participate in the contest.)

To join go to Lenten Food Waste Fast 


This is an initiative of the Ignatian Solidarity Network.  The Food Waste Fast is based in a United States context; however, we hope that our global network will participate and transfer useful information into local contexts.