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To celebrate the Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, students from our global community of Jesuit schools have put together a virtual exhibition with creative artistic expressions of the meaning behind some of St. Ignatius’ famous phrases.  The theme of the virtual exhibition is “St. Ignatius in Action”, a celebration of Ignatius’ invitation to the Jesuits and to all of us to become “contemplatives in action”.

The exhibition offers a mix of drawings, sketches, paintings, photos, and even poems representing the meaning behind some of St. Ignatius’ famous phrases. There are 785 art pieces shared by students from different ages and backgrounds from Jesuit schools all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Macau, Malta, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.

Here is a list of the schools who participated in this initiative:

School Country Region
Colegio Parroquial Nuestra Señora de Luján Argentina Latin America
Colegio del Salvador Argentina Latin America
Centro Educativo Padre José María Llorens Argentina Latin America
Xavier Catholic College Ballina Australia Asia Pacific
St. Ignatius College Riverview Australia Asia Pacific
St. Aloysius College Milsons Point Australia Asia Pacific
St. Ignatius College Adelaide Australia Asia Pacific
Colégio Loyola Brazil Latin America
Colégio Medianeira Brazil Latin America
Colégio São Francisco Xavier Brazil Latin America
Colégio Anchieta Nova Friburgo Brazil Latin America
Escola Santo Afonso Rodriguez (ESAR) Brazil Latin America
Colégio Sánto Inacio Brazil Latin America
I.E.D. Quinto Centenario Fe y Alegría Colombia Latin America
Colegio Santa Luisa Colombia Latin America
Unidad Educativa Particular Javier Ecuador Latin America
Liceo Javier Guatemala Latin America
St. Mary’s School (ICSE) India South Asia
St. Lawrence High School India South Asia
St Xavier’s High School, Maharashtra India South Asia
Colégio Mateus Ricci Macau Asia Pacific
St. Aloysius College Malta Europe
Prepa Ibero Tlaxacala Mexico Latin America
Instituto Lux Mexico Latin America
Pangantucan Community High School Philippines Asia Pacific
Xavier School San Juan Philippines Asia Pacific
Ateneo de Davao Grade School and High School Philippines Asia Pacific
Colegio Santa María del Mar Spain Europe
Colegio San Ignacio, Madrid Spain Europe
Wimbledon College UK Europe
Cardinal Griffin Catholic College UK Europe
Stonyhurst College UK Europe
Upton Hall FCJ UK Europe
Loyola Blakefield United States North America
Saint Ignatius College Preparatory United States North America
Loyola School New York United States North America
Colegio Seminario Uruguay Latin America


While browsing these beautiful pieces of art, we invite you to click on the images and take some time to contemplate the art work and the phrase which it represents, maybe even leave a message to the artist. This virtual exhibition is open to parents, families, students and educators from our Jesuit school communities. Explore the “St. Ignatius in Action” Global Virtual Exhibition here. To read the poems please follow this link “Poems and Video to Celebrate St. Ignatius Day”

These are some of the phrases which inspired the art you will see while browsing the exhibition:

“Love ought to show itself in deeds more than in words”;
“Find God in all things”;
“Legend has it that Saint Ignatius, when he sent Saint Francis Xavier to the East, told him: “go, set the world alight”;
“When you say anything in secret, speak as if you were speaking to the whole world”;
“The man (person) who sets about making others better is wasting his (his/her) time, unless he (he/she) begins with himself (himself/herself)”;
“Care for the whole person” – best known as Cura Personalis.

In some cases students added inspiring reflective descriptions. Here we share some of these:


Being a “contemplative in action” means that your active life feeds your contemplative life and your contemplative life informs your active life. That is what contemplation in action means, and the cycle never ends. Contemplation allows us to renew our active lives (work, play, relationships) so that all we do does not become mindless action but rather glorifies God.

Happy Feast of St. Ignatius!