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The Secretary for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education Fr. José Alberto Mesa visited the schools in Cairo and Minia and participated in the 140-year celebrations of “Collège de la Ste. Famille” school in Cairo.

On Saturday 13th of March, the 140th anniversary of “Collège de la Ste. Famille” school in Cairo was celebrated. A large number of people participated in the celebration, including the Minister of Education of Egypt, several ambassadors and a large group of alumni. The school was founded in 1879 by 3 Jesuits from Lebanon and started with only 6 students 1.

The Secretary of Education participated in the celebrations appreciating the incredible legacy of a school located in a country with a Muslim majority (approx. 75%), testimony to an educational proposal open to its context and from there able to form a living tradition of students and educators who have sought to collaborate with the common good of Egyptian society by respecting and valuing their religious diversity.

The Principal of the school together with the Egyptian Minister for Education.

During his stay in Egypt, Father Mesa also had the opportunity to visit the Jesuit School located in the city of Minia (Jesuit Fathers School) (267 km south of Cairo). Father Mesa visited the Jesuit community that resides there, participated in some of the daily activities of the school and visited some of the other works of the Society of Jesus there.

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