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The Jesuit Curia website now includes a new section dedicated to the Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education of the Society of Jesus.

This space has been created to provide the members of the Jesuit Global Network of Schools, our partners in the mission of the Society of Jesus and the general public with updated news and information about the work of our educational apostolic ministry worldwide.

When accessing the Secretariat section, users will find updated information about the work of the Secretariat, ICAJE and Educate Magis. The statistical reports of the Jesuit Global Network of Schools produced by the Secretariat every year are also available and easy to access.

One special feature of this new online space is a repository of Official Jesuit Education Documents, where visitors will be able to consult key resources on Jesuit Education, such as the Discourses of Frs. Generals on Education, Documents relating to the Cycles of Global Gatherings and Official Education Documents of the Society of Jesus, amongst others.

We invite you to visit us at: