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By Rafa Galaz
Jul 10th, 2019

The Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education of the Society of Jesus has published the official statistics of the Global Network of Jesuit schools with a general summary of the most relevant data.

Every year after the ICAJE meeting in Rome, the Secretary of Education publishes the official statistics of the Global Network. These statistics allow us to become aware of how many of us are part of this large global network and how it changes from year to year.

For the elaboration of these statistics, each of the heads of the regional networks is asked to gather information from their regions.

Among the data which is collected you can find:

  • The number of students
  • The number of schools
  • The number of educators
  • The number of Jesuits who work in Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education
  • The countries in which our educational institutions are located

For the past number of years the Secretariat has published this information on its website: www.sjweb.info

*InformaciĆ³n reportada incluyendo beneficiarios/estudiantes de todas las edades en los proyectos educativos.

Every year the process of gathering information is becoming faster and more accurate, now we are not only collecting general data but also updating the database of Education Delegates as well as the general information for each school, something which is undoubtedly fundamental for our network” Says Rafael Galaz, coordinator of the data collection process since 2015.

The information received each year is also analyzed by the Educate Magis team and is used to update the information for the schools on both the interactive map of schools and on the printable version. In December 2019 the data collection process will begin for the year 2020.