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By Arthur Garande
Apr 30th, 2019

St George’s College and Hartmann House in Zimbabwe, together with other Jesuit and Ignatian schools in the world are taking action and joining the fight to defend the right to education through the Red Chair project.

Thanks to the contribution of boys, staff and parents, approximately $1 500 was raised to date and this amount has seen 40 boys and girls who had dropped out of school for lack of funds come back into school.

As intended at the beginning, every class from Grade 4 up to U6 now has a “Red Chair Friend” from a less privileged school whom they are supporting through school. Communication with red chair friends may be done through the class teachers so that deeper and more personal relationships can develop between students from St. George’s College and Hartmann house and their peers from various school across the country. As this relationship is ongoing, an appeal has already started aimed at raising fees for the second term which is already underway.

This interpretation of the red chair campaign was initiated by students who when challenged to reflect on the reality of 58 million children of school-going age who are not in school decided to respond by donating at least $1 each and as a class they can then raise approximately $30 which is just enough to pay for one child for a term in certain schools. When the money raised by a class is less than what is required, the contribution from members of staff and parents bridges the gap.

The response has been amazing and is set to get even better as awareness grows and actual contact between students is made.

This campaign is a follow-up and a participation in the project that is promoted by Educate Magis, Entreculturas and Friends of Fe Y Alegría US’ which can be found at https://www.educatemagis.org/global-projects/redchair/