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Charla Nashita Sandi, an eleven grade student from Gonzaga College Senior High School in Indonesia shares this beautiful words of hope and encouragement after experiencing an Inter-Religious Dialogue with Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu from the Philippines.

The Inter-Religious Dialogue Was An Unforgettable Experience for Me

As a muslim student living and studying in Gonzaga College High School, Indonesia, I feel the need to share my unique experience on living with tolerance in my everyday life to other communities. I am very lucky to have this opportunity to express my feelings and thoughts with other Jesuit Schools students who are just like me. My school helped me find my way through a lot of things in life, in which one of them is faith. I was born and raised in a quite religious muslim family. Though my parents never hesitated to expose me in understanding other religions too. The more I learn the difference between my religion and other religions, the more I realize how important my faith is to me.

The Inter-Religious Dialogue with Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu, Phillipines was an unforgettable experience for me. I will never forget the joy in sharing our differences. I sense a big hope in our future generations that through peaceful communications such as this event, our world can be a better place for all religions. Through sharing and understanding we can all appreciate the differences we all have. I met some very kind people who are very caring and open-minded. I wish other teens like me can experience the same thing as I did.

Let us spread this valuable connection farther around the world, to our Jesuit brothers and sisters. I encourage other Jesuit Schools in other countries to participate in this collaboration. I strongly believe that in this loud and hectic world we should all take time to spread kindness.