Students Imagining “The World that Christ Desires” A Global Reflective Project!

In light of the upcoming Ignatian year celebration we invite you to reflect upon St. Ignatius’ vision which he shared with his first Companions and which influenced the different paths that took them into the world and across the globe to share this vision with others.

In the work of the Secretariat Taskforce on Global Citizenship, we are reminded of Ignatius’ vision “to be men and women for and with others and to strive toward a human excellence that cherishes our common home, affirms life and embraces collaboration and community”. We, as Jesuit educators, share and practice this vision with our students while teaching and learning about Global Citizenship Education. We accompany our students on paths into the world and across the globe to help them develop a deeper identity and responsibility as Global Citizens.

The Global dimension has always been part of the mission of the Society of Jesus. From the beginning, in the 1500’s, St. Ignatius and his fellow missionaries travelled the world, wrote letters to each other speaking about the experiences they were having, and the schools learned more about the world around them. Although our world has changed, this aspect of our mission has not. Arguably, it is more important now than ever, as we live in an increasingly interconnected world” José Mesa, SJ, Secretary for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education, Society of Jesus

The Ignatian Perspective on Global Citizenship is a stop along this journey that began with St. Ignatius of Loyola so many years ago. The historical and contemporary context of that journey has been transformed into a comprehensive graphic called “Global Citizenship: An Ignatian Perspective”. This visual representation is a tool to help you explore and reflect on how Global Citizenship relates to our Ignatian Context and how our Ignatian Perspective of Global Citizenship is intrinsically linked to our Jesuit mission of reconciliation and justice.

To see the interactive version of this graphic go to Interactive Graphic: “Global Citizenship: An Ignatian Perspective”

To access the printable version go to Printable Graphic: “Global Citizenship: An Ignatian Perspective”.

We embrace the challenge to accompany our students, our colleagues, our school leaders, our parents and families toward a renewed sense of their presence in today’s reality. We create the conditions in our schools that foster our understanding of, and capacity to be, cognizant of the human family and our place and responsibility in the global community; embrace the dynamics of interculturality; care for our common home; promote peace and reconciliation; protect gender equality; and engage in constructive social and political participation.” Secretariat Taskforce on Global Citizenship