Students Imagining “The World that Christ Desires” A Global Reflective Project!
By Paola Mancera García
Feb 24th, 2021

And above all, dream! Don’t be afraid to dream. Dream! Dream of a world that is not yet seen, but which will certainly come.” Pope Francis

In the eighth Call for Tales for Peace #shinningforhope, we would like to invite all students from the global community to write and share stories where hope guides the way to improve living conditions on our Earth.

Dream, imagine and write stories where trips to wonderful places, extravagant characters, art and everyday life fill us with hope in the face of the reality we are living.

Here are some phrases that might help inspire you:

  • People, however different they may be from each other, were created to live together.
  • We all have a light that makes us shine: defend it, protect it.
  • The people who have cultivated hope are also the ones who have overcome injustices and have left better living conditions for the Earth.
  • Believe firmly in all the people who still work for good: in them is the seed of a new world.
  • Above all, dream! Don’t be afraid to dream – dream! Dream of a world that is not yet seen, but will certainly come.

More details on how to participate and submit stories please go to Tales for Peace 

Please submit your stories by Sunday, March 7, 2021!

We are looking forward to receiving stories of hope from many parts of the world!