We are delighted to announce that the Conversations area on Educate Magis has been updated with a completely new design!

We have seen some wonderful conversations from the Educate Magis community over the last few years and our updated Conversations area aims to make it easier than ever for you and all members of our Educate Magis community to connect and to share ideas and questions.

Finding Conversations:

  • The Conversations page has been redesigned to make it easier for you to find new and interesting conversations. Improvements to search makes it easier to find existing conversations.

  • We have also added conversation categories, which allow you to filter conversations that are of more interest to you by categories such as Global Citizenship, Faith Formation, Teaching Subjects and others.

  • We have also added a new `Resource Reflections` area, which brings together all comments that are happening in resources such as: Documents, Keynotes, Blog Articles and Videos.

Reading Conversations:

  • Conversations have also been redesigned to make them easier to read. We have taken away a lot of the clutter to bring the content of the conversations to the fore.

  • You can use the translate feature to translate any Conversation or Reply.

  • You can also leave a like on a conversation by clicking the `Thumbs Up` button.

Creating New Conversations:

  • We have also made it easier for you to add your voice to the community and start new conversations.

  • We have also replaced the conversations editor, simply highlight text to bring up the new inline-editor to add links and basic styling to your conversation. You can also mention other members with the @ symbol.

Staying up to date:

  • New conversations will automatically be added to the new `My Community` page, making it easier for other members to find them and for your voice to be heard.

  • We have also updated our conversation emails. We now send a single`My Conversations` email which contains updates to any conversations that you have participated in. We will also be starting a `New Conversations` email which will highlight new and interesting conversations on Educate Magis.

Jump In:

You can find the new Conversations area here.

New conversations and replies are very welcome, so please dive in and start using these new features!

Over to you…

We hope these new updates bring an improved experience for all members, and makes it easier for you to use Educate Magis, but please share your thoughts and experiences  of these new updates with us.