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By Karina Zapata-Roche
Feb 28th, 2017

While many schools are already implementing the Red Chair Project others seem to be in the brainstorming phase. There are so many great ideas to choose from, you can even choose your preferred language, age group and engagement level to suit your needs. If you are still unsure of which resource is the right one for you, no worries we have put together the 7 Most Popular Global Red Chair Resources to give you a short list of ideas and an outline of what is involved.

Here is the list. Enjoy!

1.       Play The Education Twister / Jugar al Twister de Educación para sensibilizar sobre temas de desigualdad.

Twister Red Chair

This is a game which aims to raise awareness about inequality issues and show how education can help to Twist these problems. 

In this game, each color represents a problem related to inequality, for example:
Orange: There are families i­n which parents cannot find work.
Blue: There are families whose homes have no running water.
Yellow: There are families in which children cannot go to hospital.
Green: There are families struggling to make three meals a day.

Read the complete outline of this game and how to implement it in SPANISH or in ENGLISH 

2.       Is it important to come to school? / ¿Es importante venir a la escuela?is important to come to school

The goal of this activity is to discover that all people, if they go to school, can make friends, can take better care of their bodies, can take better care of their Friends and the environment, can learn things and collaborate to do things together, and maximize self-esteem and self-assertion.

This activity requires: Paper, colours and glue.

This activity is available in SPANISH and in ENGLISH.

3.       What would happen if they didn’t let you learn anymore? / ¿Qué pasaría si no te dejaran aprender más?

The objectives of this activity are to:
– Learn about the current situations in the nearby environment and the world in which the right to education is violated.
– Raise awareness of these situations proposing reasonable initiatives.
– Recognize the need to fulfil the rights and responsibilities both personally and collectively.
– Learn the function of the politicians in regards to the compliance with the right to education and the international agreements by which boys and girls have the right to make known, claim and monitor their right to education.

This activity uses: Sara’s story, a large piece of construction paper for each team, paint, markers, pencils and erasers. Story Sara RedChair

View the entire guideline for this activity and Sara’s story in SPANISH or ENGLISH.  





4.       Reporters on the Right to Education/ Reporteros(as) del Derecho a la Educación.

Participants will be divided into groups of 4-6 people who will create a team of reporters and photographers. Each group will prepare their work with the purpose of learning about the situation of education in their neighbourhood, town or city and other countries as well.

For this activity you will need: Materials: Paper, pens, voice recorders, camera or cell phone for the interviews. Reporters Red Chair

Choose the SPANISH or ENGLISH guideline to implement this creative activity.  



5.       Reporters & Vote for the Education you want / Reporteros(as) y Vota por la educación que quieres.

Education UnescoThis activity is an online campaign promoted by UNESCO to open the road to participation of the civil society in the application of the 2030 Education Agenda.

For global citizenship to participate in these decisions, UNESCO has created the #educationwewant initiative, requesting the participation of all citizens of the planet to choose the three goals we consider as most important.

Here is the SPANISH or ENGLISH version of this interesting activity.




6.       Short interactive activities to celebrate education / Actividades cortas para celebrar la educación.Group Task Red Chair

This is an interactive activity where each person will have all the pieces of the Red Chair. You will play lively music and will ask them to stand up and start walking around the room. Every time the music stops they will have to shout in unison “Education is in our hands!” and immediately look for a partner. 

This creative and interactive activity for your students is available in ENGLISH



7.       Group Tasks which encourage action in defending the Right to Education / Ejercicios en grupo para motivar a la acción para defender el Derecho a la Educación.Group Activity Red Chair

This is a group activity. To begin this activity, you will have prepared a poster with The Red Chair and the headline “Education – a world in your hands”. The poster will be stuck on a continuous paper in a place that will dominate the classroom. It will serve us as a symbol to have it present from the beginning and will be used at the end of the activity.

This fun activity is available in ENGLISH




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