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This year the Global Map has further evolved both visually and in its content. Together with the annual regional school list updates there have been changes to the map title, Jesuit schools map pin, legend, colours of the regions and other changes that we will highlight in this article.

Looking at the 2019 map you might notice that the title of the map has changed to “Jesuit Global Network of Schools” accentuating both the global and the networking aspect of Jesuit education worldwide. In line with this the legend has been updated with section titles to differentiate between Jesuit Conference Education Networks and Other Jesuit Education Networks.

Jesuit Conference Education Networks:

Jesuit Conferences are groupings of administrative divisions of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Jesuit Conferences are generally divided up by continents and are often referred to as Jesuit Regions. The Map illustrates these six Jesuit Conferences (Regions) with different colours. A Jesuit Conference helps coordinate the relationships among all the various Jesuit entities (works), including service organizations in the different Provinces, as well as between them and the international headquarters in Rome.

The international headquarters in Rome, called the Jesuit Curia has different departments or Secretariats for the different Jesuit apostolates or works. The International Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education animates the Jesuit School network throughout the world in its mission of offering a holistic education to the new generations. It aims to help Jesuit institutions be part of our living tradition of academic excellence and service to faith and justice and the new commitment to the environment.

The Jesuit School network consists of the six Jesuit Conference Educational Networks or Regional Networks. The Secretariat for Education works closely with the head of each Regional/Conference School Network who are members of the International Committee for the Apostolate of Jesuit Education or ICAJE. For their annual meeting the ICAJE delegates prepare reports about their regions which are then published in the official Statistics Report assembled yearly by the Secretariat. Educate Magis uses these yearly reports to prepare the Global Map and makes updates following feedback from ICAJE and members of the global community.

Other Jesuit Education Networks:

The Other Jesuit Education Networks represented are the Fe y Alegria Network and the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). Fe y Alegria is a movement for Integral Popular Education and Social Promotion with 1,613 Schools and Educational Projects on four continents. The Jesuit Refugee Service offers a wide range of services involving formal, informal and online instruction for refugee children, young people and adults worldwide and has 61 Schools and Educational Projects on four continents. The numbers of schools and educational projects for each country have been reintroduced in this year’s map.

Altogether therefore the Jesuit Global Network of Schools represents just over 2,500 educational projects worldwide and is of the largest education networks globally.

The design changes to the 2019 Map consisted of highlighting the links between the different colours, symbols, and school list.  

  • The colours of the different Jesuit Conferences have been highlighted in the Legend.
  • The map pin has been updated slightly to visually match with the other two logos (Fe y Alegría and JRS) used on the Map.
  • The colour used for the South Asian Jesuit Conference has been updated to differentiate it from the colour of the Fe y Alegría logo.

School List Changes:

There have been a number of changes in the Conference Networks. Several new schools have been added to our network. In the European Conference (JECSE) new schools were added in Belgium and Austria and schools were removed from the list in Spain and Kosovo. There have been slight changes in the North American Conference (JSN) where a new school in the Midwest Jesuit Province has been added and another removed from the Southwest Province. Some updates have been made to the South Asian Conference with changes to the school list in the Hazaribag Province. There are several and often complex reasons why a school no longer belongs to a Regional Conference Network. Change therefore in the Global Network is a constant and these maps and statistics are a yearly summary of these dynamic global network that represents our global education community.

The Global Map can be downloaded in different file types and dimensions to be either printed (PDF, EPS) or included in a presentation or a website (PNG and JPEG).

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