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By Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy SJ
Dec 2nd, 2019

TRAINING Schools conduct workshops to train teachers in new modules, raise standards and connect with children; promote teacher communities At Mazagaon’s St Mary’s School (ICSE), regular training modules on curriculum and teaching pedagogy is just one part of the routine.

The school also ensures that along with the curriculum, teachers are trained in child psychology on a regular basis. “In a classroom, it is very important for a teacher to gauge the students’ strengths and weaknesses before applying her teaching methodology. Without understanding the psyche of students, this can become difficult.

While our teachers are encouraged to research on child psychology, we also ensure that we conduct talks and workshops by experts for their benefit,” said Fr Francis Swamy, principal of the school. The school encourages teachers to tackle students’ problems, like bullying, using knowledge gained from these workshops.

“We encourage the teachers of our school to bring critical thinking and reasoning to the table while interacting with students. This not only enhances the teaching-learning process, but also helps form a stronger bond between teachers and students,” Fr Francis Swamy. Source: Hindustan Times