By José María Rosas Garibay
Nov 13th, 2017

Special invitation to the Global Network of Jesuit Schools. This is the fifth edition of “Tales for Peace” a project created by the Instituto Lux in Mexico that gathers written fictional stories about Peace in electronic anthologies to then select some and read them aloud to preschool children.

To create something different, you first have to imagine it, then turn around and realize that you are not alone.”

We know: there are many things that can be improved in the world, however, how do we know where to start? How to transform a world we are not able to imagine any differently?

Fiction and fantasy allow us to access environments and solutions free of the limitations imposed by reality. As educators it is important to provide the means for our students to travel to these places so that upon their return they can see reality in a different way; find possible ways to make this a fairer world.

Tales for peace is an Instituto Lux proposal to build bridges for fantastic stories between those who, in the words of Neil Gaiman, tell the truth not because they claim that dragons exist, but because they claim that they can be defeated.

Every year, since 2014, we bring together the most inspiring fictions in an anthology of stories written and illustrated by students that can be viewed here.

Ignatian spirituality gives us a common ground and Educate Magis provides us with a window of privileged communication. Since last year we opened the call to the global Jesuit network and received amazing stories, such as that of Mariana Hinojosa from the San Ignacio School in La Paz, Bolivia. “I think that through something as simple as our writings we can do a lot of things, such as attracting the attention of many people and contributing to society, as well as criticizing everything that is happening in the world”, Mariana Hinojosa.

In this video Mariana shares her motivation to participate in Tales for Peace. (Spanish)

In this new opportunity, we would love to have the participation of schools from other parts of the world with stories in Spanish, English or French. We invite you to enter here to see how to write your story and the details for submission. The due date to send your story is December 8th, 2017!

We would also like to share our experience with those who want to try a similar project in other schools, because we believe that two heads imagine more than one and peace is built collectively.

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying to this conversation.

Tales For Peace 2018