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COVID-19 Resources and Recomendations Shared by Educators from our Global Community

More students have shared reflections on the experience of the pandemic,  as part of the global student project “A Day In My Life Living Under Covid – 19” .


A Day in my Life: Claye, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

I live in northern NSW Australia.

My quarantine life is very different but it’s nice to do nothing sometimes.

In the morning I get up and do my daily workout then go for a run. When I get back I have a shower and go get breakfast then sit in my room and watch youtube as a bit of rest before I start school.

I start school and finish it by 1 o’clock and then do nothing for the rest of the day. Sometimes I will play canasta, poker or Uno with my mum and sister.


A Day in my Life: Lily, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

Hello. My name is Lily and I live in Australia on the far north coast. I am in year 7 and My life living under the covid-19 pandemic has been going . . . OK.

The first time I heard that I wasn’t going back to school until after the holidays I was so excited.

I got in the car saying goodbye school, see ya after the holidays!

Then on my first week of home learning I thought I was getting through it all very fast but now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t.

After 2 weeks it was finally the holidays! I was thrilled but then I remembered that we were kinda in lock down so none of my friends could come over, but at least I could still text them, well most of them.

But even without them I had a great time with my Mum, Dad, little brother Phoenix and my dog Molly.

I miss all my friends so, so much and want to go back to school super soon! Not just because I miss my friends but also because I miss school which isn’t normally what school kids say.

Now we are in the 4th week of school at home, but now I am actually back at school and today was my first day back, my little brother is still in primary school and he went back a week ago because his school is smaller and has less people.

I’m going back properly on Monday but there is still a while until then because today is Thursday! I want to see people other than my family everyday and I want to see all the new things that my school got while I was away. Hope everyone is doing good!



A Day in my Life: Keanu, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

I live in Australia, NewSouthWales in Mullumbimby where I have been doing online learning from home. One thing I don’t like about working from home is that I have to listen to Mum and that doesn’t always workout the way it should. Second is that it feels like I have to do more work than I would on a normal school day but enough about the bad things. If I’m at home in my break times like I would at school I love to play a cards or board game with my Granny unless she’s at work then I sometimes play tennis or table tennis when my Mum gets a break from work. I also got a new dogy who is a she and her name is Lily, we don’t know what breed Lily is but we are hoping to get a blood test hopefully before next year. Lily is six months old and we have had her since she was four and a half months old. She loves playing ‘catch Lily if you can’ and she has gotten better at wanting to go for walks from when we got her. The good thing is that I can play with Lily more since we had to stay home for a while. But overall I kind of wished school would never shut down or only some people came only because I feel like I have to do more school work in one day than I would on a normal school day.


A Day in my Life: Georgia, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

My average school day consists of getting up at 6:30 then having breakfast. After getting dressed I then get my room tidy for the school day. My dog loves his walk around the block with me before coming home to start school

I do my first 2 periods then have a snack break, Then it’s back to periods 3 and 4 and another break and go outside. I get back to work on periods 5 and 6 and my school day comes to an end at around 3:00.

My afternoons consist of chilling, watching some Netflix and finishing all homework. We normally go to the beach since we live 5 minutes away and take in the fresh air. Now it is dinner time and I eat fast so that homework doesn’t drag over to the next day. After showering and getting ready for bed it finally comes to the time when I can wind down.

Calling my friends everyday is my highlight. I have recently had some playdates and sleepovers as restrictions in the Far North Coast region of Australia are loosening. Many people think that there is going to be a second wave! I hope not. Not being able to cross the border to see my family makes me sad . My days are very full-on but I am going pretty well, I can imagine that many people are stressed in this pandemic. Overall I quite like homeschooling but, being at school would be better. Everyone reading this, remember we are all in this together.


A Day in my Life: Benedict, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

This whole experience has got to be the strangest experience of my life and probably the strangest experience in a lot of people’s lives. Suddenly someone’s appetite shifts to bats and everyone has to wait it out with no toilet paper.

Honestly, it has mostly been fine even though I live with a small classroom of people in my family (9, not counting me and my pets) but there have been a lot of meltdowns from time to time (everyday).

The shift from schooling to DO IT YOURSELF learning has been fun especially since I now have an excuse to spend an inhuman amount of time with my computer. The upside of home learning is you can google the answers to just about anything but i TOTALLY wouldn’t know anything about that. The downside is not keeping in touch with your friends as easily. I got pretty lucky because my group has coordinated specific times for when we talk to each other.

Changes to normal home life have been quite noticeable. First off, my diet has changed completely, it is now popcorn, fruit, milo and anything I can find lying around and water if i am lucky enough not to forget. Secondly, the smell is gradually getting worse and worse each day. I am starting to wonder if everyone is turning into foul smelling beasts from the west. Finally things that were considered petty arguments are now what my family goes to war over. When I say petty I mean tiny mistakes such as too loud, too quiet, too fast, too smelly, eats too much, eats too little, spends too much time on a computer, doesn’t spend enough time on a computer and the one that comes up the most is people using too much internet.

To conclude, this glimpse into my “Lord of the flies” like situation, I would just like to say that it definitely takes strength to stay inside for this long and anyone who is able to withstand this is an absolute legend.


A Day in my Life: Sharni, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

I live in Ballina and I am going to tell you what it is like in my life living under the Covid-19 Pandemic. Today I woke up at 8:00 and had some breakfast then when I was done I went in my room with my computer and checked what I had to do today, how many zooms I had, stuff that might be due in today and other stuff I have to do at 11:55am I have a zoom so I set an alarm for that and then I checked my timetable to see what I have for first two periods. I have double sport so I thought I would go get some excise and walk around my house then after doing that for a while I jumped on the trampoline with my sister for a while then I heard my alarm, it was time for my science zoom meeting. It only went for about 20 minutes when it was done, I had some lunch, a sandwich and some fruit then done some more school work and got caught up with some things. My Mum was cooking chicken and rice and it was starting to get dark so I put away my computer and had dinner with my family then we all watched a movie together and went to bed. That was a day in my Life living under the Covid-19 Pandemic.


A Day in my Life: Anya, 13, Xavier Catholic College, Australia

In the mornings, usually I would wake up at around 6:15am going to school but now I wake up half an hour before school at 8:30am.

After I wake up, I usually have breakfast, brush my teeth and go to my first zoom class generally at 9:00am after that I go on with my online school work and virtual classes.

After finishing school work at around 3:30pm or later, I have free time to facetime with friends, watch tv, draw and go outside. In some places people can not go outside but I can still do things like ride my bike outside my house.

The area I live in was not in severe lock down like other parts of Australia and other countries, but when it was very bad my Dad would be the only one to go out and buy groceries other times we would stay at home.

My family still go to the beach and go on drives around the area to get out of the house.

Even though life is getting quite boring there are still positives to being in lockdown, for example spending more time with family and having the time to do things that you couldn’t do before.