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Teachers from St Vincent’s School and Junior College in Pune, India, motivated our students to go through the process and experience of Ignatian reflection and contemplation through the implementation of the global project “A Contemplative Prayer to Pray for The World that Christ Desires”.

The process followed for the contemplative prayer had many steps, which lead to prayers written by students.

  1. Two students from each division of std 8th, 9th, and 11th were taken.
  2. These students were made to sit in a classroom and a brief description of the Artwork Collage “Imagining the World that Christ Desires” was given to them which was displayed on the interactive panel.
  3. We started the process with a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking for his guidance.
  4. Students were then asked to look at each picture and select any one of the images that moved their hearts. As the students were contemplating, we asked them to spend some time in silence, reflecting on the following questions:
    • What is the artist trying to tell you from this image?
    • What are the thoughts and feelings it awakens in you?
    • Things that you would appreciate?
    • What can you do to make this world a better place?
    • What are the things you can be grateful to God for?
  5. Students reflected on these questions and were asked to pen down their thoughts.
  6. These prayers were shared with fellow students in a group.

Our students would like to share the fruits of their contemplation. Please see the following twenty pdfs containing the prayers of various students. Each has a chosen image from the collage “Imagining the World that Christ Desires”.