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By Xavier Jesuit School Cambodia
Jan 2nd, 2018

Xavier Jesuit School in Cambodia hosted a visit from a fellow Xavier School from the Philippines. The students spent the morning getting to know the visitors from the Philippines through games in the classroom and finding out about their country.

The mid morning saw some sporting activities take place in the multipurpose hall with both grade 7 classes and the students from Xavier High School Philippines joining in the games.

Just before lunch, everyone gathered in the multipurpose hall as our grade 8 student leaders took to the stage giving a presentation about Cambodia, Cambodian culture and about our school here….all presented through English, quite an achievement for our young students! Another group of our grade 8 girls gave a demonstration of beautiful Khmer dancing. Miss Aimee Aapolinario, the principal of Xavier High School, presented a beautiful shell with the Xavier school Philippines crest to our school, which will be a lasting reminder of their visit with our students.This left just enough time for some (many!) photos with the visitors. It is hoped that we can continue cultural exchanges like this in the future! 

A big thank you to the staff and student leaders for all of their help.

Thank you for your hospitality. It was a wonderful experience.” Staff member from Xavier High School Philippines.

Students from Philippines visit Cambodia
Re-published from: Jesuit School Cambodia, Newsletter#16