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COVID-19 Resources and Recomendations Shared by Educators from our Global Community
By sampa jane d'rozario
Apr 27th, 2020

Desperate times seek desperate measures! As the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 130 countries have been forced to go under total or partial lockdown which has resulted in schools being closed indefinitely worldwide affecting nearly 80% of students globally. At St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata, India, the situation is no different; however, under the kind guidance of our Principal Father Sebastian James S.J., we have found a way to remedy the setback by introducing the concept of Online Teaching from the platform of www.stlawrencehighschool.edu.in.

For the benefit of students and the convenience of parents, St. Lawrence High School, being the first school under the West Bengal Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, has come up with the idea of regularly uploading Subject Teachers’ lessons in video clips and worksheets on the school website for classes I to X. Keeping in mind that it is a novel method of learning for many, each video clip is made not more than 10-15 minutes long which facilitates tackling shorter portions of the syllabus that isn’t too difficult for the students to grasp. Worksheets are made, corresponding to these video clips, in a simple format containing 15 multiple choice questions which tests the student’s understanding of the syllabus. An Answer Key for each worksheet is also uploaded on the consecutive day whereby students may verify the extent to which they have been able to correctly comprehend the concept. In order to avoid confusion, every worksheet contains details regarding the class, subject, date, chapter name and semester. Starting out with the main subjects of Language, Arithmetic and Vernacular, we have now successfully uploaded more than 350 videos and 400 worksheets from all the different Subjects been taught at school. This has simplified the process of teaching-learning which continues in an effective manner and banishes any time-zone schedule disputes among parents-teachers-students.

This scheme of reaching out to the students amidst the COVID-19 outbreak has been greatly appreciated by parents who have given their positive feedback to the school authorities as well as requested for further study materials to be made available in the near future. With the cooperation and tireless striving of one and many, specially the Administrative Members: our Vice Principals for Secondary and Primary Schools, Respected Father Zenith William S.J. and Ms. Madhumita Roy Chowdhury respectively, Ms. Saswati Biswas, Ms. Jayashree Sherpa, Mr. Debraj Chowdhury, Mr. Soumak Chatterjee, Ms. Maloshree Niyogi and Mr. Stephen Dolby; St. Lawrence High School has been able to bring to its students a meaningful way to keep learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty.

In this regard, Ms. Jayashree says that even though we are faced with a crisis,

the teaching leaning process has to go on. We are hopeful that our students will immensely benefit from this.”

Mr. Soumak points out that

the school building may be under lockdown for now, but the schooling continues nevertheless. I earnestly thank my institution to make me avail this platform. It is indeed a fruitful method.”

Ms. Saswati explains that

prolonged social distancing may lead to the stress of social isolation, therefore it is important to stay connected. For students, school is the place where most of their social interactions take place. Hence, at St. Lawrence High School we decided to start online teaching not only to enable our children learns from home but also to give them the platform to connect with their school community.”

The following link would direct viewers to access the videos and worksheets:

Primary:  https://stlawrencehighschool.edu.in/primary-video-lessons

Secondary: https://stlawrencehighschool.edu.in/secondary-video-lessons