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By Karina Zapata-Roche
May 30th, 2017

Promoting peace using diplomatic and nonviolent approaches has been a committed task carried out by many exemplary people though out history.  One of the methods which has been evolving and continuously growing in our world, as a powerful tool for action, is sport, as it has the ability to reconcile people and nations.

Sport has enabled men to fraternize, to fight all forms of discrimination, to build political dialogue and diplomacy were all hope was lost and to defend humanity and social inclusion among all.

In these videos athletes, NGOs, international organizations, sports bodies, governments and young people remind us how sport has emerged as a powerful tool for peace building, as it has the ability to break barriers across the world.

Sport can build bridges with a universal language and provide hope when all hope is lost.

This is the right moment for us to work together as a Global Network of Jesuit Schools. We are committed to sharing God’s work of reconciliation, so don’t hesitate!

Participate in the Drawing Competition “Expressions 2017” a competition created to harness children’s creativity and perception of “Peace through Sports” through illustrations and sketches. Expresion 2017

The Global Network of Jesuit Schools is a stepping stone by which many more children can be propelled towards becoming ‘ambassadors’ of Peace!

Be part of the peace and reconciliation movement!

Artwork may be submitted up until midnight of June 21, 2017 Indian Standard Time.
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