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Definitely in this modern world there are no barriers to communicate and to know different realities and cultures. Thanks to the portal Educate Magis, a teacher from Colegio San Ignacio A. O. in Santiago de Chile has built up a project among three institutions with incredible and positive outcomes for both teachers and students.

The project started connecting teachers, through this conversation, who were interested in exploring the use of video technology and audio (FLIPGRID) to let our students share experiences following common topics besides learning more Spanish and English.

Personally, I am very proud that this project has come into a reality. Educate Magis gives us extraordinary opportunities but many times those opportunities just remain in the paper. Well, this one has turned out into a reality.

This project has been led by myself, David Chamorro, I am an English teacher at Colegio San Ignacio A.O in Santiago de Chile, by Marlene Fajardo, English teacher at Liceo Javier from Guatemala City and by Maria-Paz Campos, Spanish teacher from Saint Louis University High School, from the USA.

Along this experience we have discovered that we share more things that we had expected before and more importantly we have promoted and reinforced solid bonds among institutions whose only common ground is the Ignatian World.

I strongly recommend teachers around the world to be brave and let our students feel Global Citizenship!