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Jul 21st, 2020

The Educate Magis team and the Secretariat team had their first quarterly online meeting on July 9, 2020 as a response to a growing dynamic of joint collaboration.

The agenda of the meeting started with a beautiful prayer by Helder Camara, followed by each of the participants sharing their lights and shadows (consolations and desolations) of their current work, reviewing the items addressed in the last in-person meeting, and a quick sharing and update on the main projects in process, including any needs or obstacles to discuss.

The effects of the pandemic over Jesuit schools worldwide was the main topic during the first part of the meeting: the global context is challenging education networks to provide immediate responses to the needs brought by a continuously changing reality, while showing the relevance of networking in producing joint responses to face global challenges.

When addressing the projects section of the meeting, the conversation focused on initiatives that are currently under design, that in the near future will enter to enhance the support offered to Ignatian Educators worldwide, in the fields of Global Citizenship, Mission and Identity, Community Building, Communications and Faith Formation.

The balance of the meeting was positive. In addition to the planning-related outcomes, it was an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between two teams that are collaborating permanently, in the service of our Universal Mission.

when your ship  
long moored in harbor gives you the illusion of being a house;  
when your ship begins to put down roots  
in the stagnant water by the quay  
Save your boat’s journeying soul  
And your own pilgrim soul,  
Cost what it may”
Helder Camara 

The Secretariat and Educate Magis quarterly  meetings were agreed during the annual visit, this year held in March by the International Secretary for Education (Secondary and Pre-secondary), Fr. Jose Mesa, S.J., and by the Global Assistant for Global Initiatives, Ms. Catharine Steffens, at the Educate Magis headquarters in Galway, Ireland.