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By Karina Zapata-Roche
Jun 14th, 2017

We are delighted to announce that so far 14 schools from around the world have implemented the Global Red Chair Project! It is extremely encouraging to see how our Global Network is intensifying in actions to raise awareness for the benefit of the most needed.

The Red Chair Project is a project that can change the future of 58 million children around the world who don´t have access to education. Let´s keep raising our voices across the globe!

Thanks to all the schools who have shared their students´ testimonials and photos, as you read their experiences you will see how they have been genuinely touched by this reality.  Their reactions fill the Global School Network with joy!
Red Chair Badge

If you have already implemented the Global Red Chair project in your school look for your badge in this list.

1. Colegio Inmaculada de Gijón, Spain

2. Colegio Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo, Spain

3. St. Aloysius College, Malta

4. Istituto Massimo, Italy

5. Gonzaga College, Ireland

6. Georgetown Preparatory School, USA

7. Loyola High School, Canada

8. Unidad Educativa Particular Javier, Ecuador

9. St. George College, Zimbabwe

10. Boston College High School, USA 

11. Gonzaga College High School, USA

12. St. Ignatius High School, USA

13. St. John’s Jesuit High School and Academy, USA

14. Colegio Santa Luisa, Colombia

We also have schools from Argentina and the United States which are preparing to implement the project in the coming months.

Some shared student experiences:

“This Red Chair reminds us everyday of the millions of children around the world who don´t have Access to education. It does not only raise awareness but also to exercise our right to education with responsibility and work.” – Nacho Menéndez, teacher from Colegio de La Inmacula Concepción, Gijón Spain.

“For Entreculturas the red chair is a simbol of all the boys and girls around the world who don’t have Access to education. You can see many chairs around the school. Each clasaroom has one and is there to remind us that is a just cause to fight for.” – María e Isabel, secondary students from Colegio de La Inmacula Concepción, Gijón Spain.

“The red chair is empty, but it’s meaning is deep. It represents an empty chair is schools across the world, even in the United States, where a child is missing. We were asked not to donate money or supplies, but simply to spread the word. I took my education for granted but not anymore; it is priceless.” – Kaleb Fernandez, student from Georgetown Preparatory School – USA.

“La Silla Roja, the red chair, symbolizes the right of education for all the people around the world who are unable to receive an education. Many of us are granted this precious right of education and take it for granted. We have never experienced a life without education and we have never come to appreciate how much opportunities we gained from education.” – Cayden Jasek ­& Jeffrey Chen, students from Georgetown Preparatory School – USA.

“The red chair brought an issue that I already knew some about to the forefront of my mind. I realized how privileged I am to be able to go to school regularly and not have to worry about it I will have to drop out to feed my family. This experience brought to my attention the variety of reasons these 263 million children can not go to school, which include gender, economics and violence. Raising awareness of an issue can be more difficult than just donating and forgetting, so this was different than other campaigns we have been a part of in the Georgetown Prep community which require you to spend money instead of your time. This was also new for me as I learned about this serious world topic in another language, as opposed to learning basic vocabulary in previous Spanish classes. This makes you learn how to have deeper conversations in Spanish about meaningful topics.” – Craig Benjamin, student from Georgetown Preparatory School – USA.

To see the photos that have been shared and to share yours click here.

Red Chair Pictures
If your school is planning on implementing the Red Chair Project too, please let us know! You can email Ciara directly at cbeuster@educatemagis.org