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Sara is an 8-year old girl who lived in a small city. The night before, she had gone to sleep late, so when she heard her father had woken up the next morning, she opened her eyes and thought: – “I’m so tired! Oh boy, they’ll come to wake me soon to go to school and I don’t want to go, I want to sleep more!” – And she closed her eyes. 

But a few minutes later her older brother came to wake her up and told her to get dressed and rush to eat breakfast so they weren’t late.  “I would give anything to stay home and sleep every day until lunch time”, – Sara sighed while she got dressed.

After getting dressed, having breakfast and brushing her teeth, Sara went to school with her older brother. When they got close to school a loud racket surprised them.  Parents and children stood in front of the school entrance and stared at the closed green gate. On it a large sign said:   “FROM TODAY ONWARDS IT IS FORBIDDEN TO GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN”.

This is just one of the many stories around the world of a child that has been denied the right to education.

But you can help in the process of reversing this reality. Ready for the Challenge?

Imagine a world where everyone has an education…

  • What would the outcomes be?
  • What would the world be like if this was true?

Bring these scenarios to life. Participate in The Education for All Video Challenge! 

Education for All Video Challenge is a Challenge to inspire others to do more, to highlight the importance of the right to education for everyone and to help in the fight to provide access to education for all children of the world.

Participate in this global competition and enjoy the opportunity to reflect and understand, in a fun way, how education can improve and change the lives of many people from around the world. For more details of how to participate see the Education for All Video Challenge page.

Education not only gives us the skills and knowledge necessary to survive, it also gives us the power and self-worth to demand our human rights!

About Sara’s Story: This story has been extracted from the Global Red Chair Lessons’ Plan Library. If you would like, you can use it in your classroom. To download the complete lesson plan please click here.

If you have any questions on participating in the Education for All Video Challenge, please contact Ciara at