Hello everyone in our global community in this short article I wanted to share a beautiful memory with you as I finish my first month in Tomsk, Russia. As you can imagine, now working in a K-11 Jesuit Catholic school brings daily experiences I never had in our high schools, most of which keep me laughing. For instance, here are some photos from a kindergarten class I observed this week. The teacher first told a cute story about a bunny, and then the students all made their own clay bunnies: Kindergarten Bunnies Album

The teacher was an absolute master with the children and had their complete attention (mine too, as her voice was so calm and soothing). I could not believe it when she told me she had been teaching for 50 years. Given her energy, joy, and respect for each child, clearly this was her God-given vocation in life.

During this first month serving in the Tomsk Catholic School, I’ve been leading morning prayer, observing different classes, substitute teaching English and Religion, organizing our fundraising efforts, and mostly just trying to get to know everyone. As always, it is a true blessing to listen to people’s stories and watch master teachers at work.

Prayers and blessings to you and your families!