Introducing “Get Involved”, a page to know why, who, and how to get involved in Educate Magis, our global community!

I would like to share some projects that my colleague, Maria Paz Campos and I have been working on, here in St. Louis University High School, which might be of interest to other educators in our global community.

For the holidays, we put together two videos to highlight the work we have been doing with our partner schools through virtual exchanges. The first is a quick summary of a holiday themed project we did with our Russian IV students and students from our partner school, Pavlovskaya Gimnaziya in St. Petersburg, Russia. We have had similar conversations and activities ongoing with our other languages (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish), many with Jesuit partners–Holy Family School in Cairo, Egypt, St. Aloysius Technical School in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Colegio San Pedro Claver in Bucaramanga, Colombia, Colegio San Ignacio El Bosque in Santiago, Chile.

Here is a screen shot of the zoom call when we did the activity, but there’s not a whole lot else visual to provide.


A second project that we did was to involve Fine Arts in our exchanges, a much harder fit than foreign language departments. We reached out to specific partner schools to see if they would be interested in singing Silent Night in their native language. Among our Jesuit partners, San Ignacio El Bosque in Chile performed in Spanish, St. Aloysius Technical School performed in Chinese, and then our non-Jesuit partners schools in Russia and France did their pieces in Russian and French. We recorded our SLUH band program performing a specific arrangement of the song, then sent it out to the schools so that their choirs could perform it a capella, but with the proper key and meter, etc. The schools then sent us their recordings, along with some photos and videos of their school community. In the end, we pieced it all together to produce this result, which we shared out on Christmas Eve. I added some screen shots from the video.

Hope this is useful to our Educate Magis global community.