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By Fr. Francis Swamy SJ
Oct 2nd, 2018

The Investiture of Junior School Leaders was held on September 26, 2018 in the School Auditorium of St. Mary’s ICSE in India.

It was a glorious and proud moment for Shaurya Setia, Rivaan Rathod,Vivaan Rathod, Adhyay Shetty of Class 4 – 1; Niket Maniar, Kayan Chinwalla, Zayne Popat and Aarav Panjani of Class 4 -2; Dishaan Dholakia, Kayne Quadros, Luqman Quraishi and Evan Fialho of Class 4 -3 appointed as House Leaders respectively.

The appointed Monitors by their respective class teachers were Muhammad Hadi Khan of Class 4-1; Braedan Figueiredo of Class 4-2; Malcolm Irani of Class 4-3 and Assistant Monitors were Rishit Palrecha of Class 4-1; Yasharyan Garr of Class4-2 and Yohan Rathore of Class 4-3.

These boys were invested by Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy SJ and Ms. Fernandes. The entire Primary Section, the Primary Teachers along with the parents of the elected Junior Leaders were a part of this auspicious ceremony.