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By Educate Magis
Jun 12th, 2019

I ask members of the Society and its partners, especially those in leadership roles, to participate in the implementation of the JRS vision of inclusion and integration of refugees, and to engage in the JRS challenges of renewed governance and participation in the Ignatian heritage. This mission of JRS must be shared by all our institutions, whether they are academic, educational, social, intellectual, pastoral or spiritual. “Renewed Commitment of the Jesuit Refugee Service” – A letter from Fr. General Arturo Sosa 

In his recent letter  Fr. General Arturo Sosa addresses the whole of the Society of Jesus and its partners in mission emphasizing the need for collaboration with the mission and vision of JRS to have a shared response to the unprecedented situations of forced displacement in the world. One of the four priority areas in the 2019-2023 Strategic Framework is “the delivery of quality formal and informal education”, which Educate Magis has been highlighting via global stories, videos, articles and action projects such as the “Refugee Simulation” and will continue to collaborate with JRS in its education efforts.

Read an extract from Fr General Arturo Sosa’s letter originally shared by JRS news,

Through a process of strategic discernment that was initially approved by my predecessor, Fr Adolfo Nicolás, JRS has made significant progress in the call to be a more effective sign of God’s nurturing love and reconciliation:

  • JRS has developed a 2019-2023 Strategic Framework, laying out four priority areas to focus its accompaniment of refugees over the next four years: the promotion of reconciliation and social cohesion; the delivery of quality formal and informal education; innovative livelihood programmes that lead to self-reliance and sustainability; and effective advocacy for the rights of refugees.
  • JRS also engaged in a process of discernment that led to a proposed restructuring of its organizational structure and operating procedures, focusing on the development of mission-driven, strong country offices that will strengthen local capacity and encourage subsidiarity.
  • JRS is initiating a consultation with the wider Society and its partners in an effort to implement fully its vision of a world where refugees may attain protection, have access to opportunity, and be full participants in the social, political, and economic spheres where they find themselves.
  • As part of this consultation, JRS also desires to engage fruitfully and critically with the often complicated questions of governance, and to explore with the Society and other partners the opportunities of mission and identity that manifest Ignatian values and draw upon the riches of our spiritual heritage.

I have given my approval to these efforts.  I applaud the willingness of JRS to take risks and to row into the deep during difficult and challenging times, when it would be so much easier to keep to established ways of proceeding.”

Fr. General’s letter is available to download in English, Spanish and French.