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By Educate Magis
Nov 8th, 2020

Continuing with the exploration and reflection through a series of articles written in a conversational language about Catholicism, about God, about Jesus, about the Church and many other faith related topics. Here we present:

Question 31 – What is the difference between an ordinary person and a saint? 

In the Bible*, holiness* or sanctity is the quality of God* par excellence. God is holy. In the beginning of the Bible it is written that God created people in such a way that ‘they resemble him’ (Gn 1:27). That is why it is logical that this holiness of God radiates into the lives of those who are inspired by God. That is why in the first centuries of Christianity* it was customary for the priest* to address the faithful during the celebration as ‘you, the saints’.

Christians are still inspired by God. So hopefully they continue to reflect something of God’s holiness today. For most of them this is done in an inconspicuous way, but for some it catches the eye. That is why it is customary in the Catholic* Church*, after a long and thorough examination, to officially canonise some deceased Christians. However, most of the saints are and remain unknown, except to God.

Catholic Christians consider these saints to be great treasures: these men, women and children are valuable examples on whom you can model yourself in confidence for your own life. On the outside, their actions often seem quite normal, but at the same time they show that a life like Jesus’* brings out the most beautiful things in people. So much so that you recognise some of the beauty of God in it.

– Who are the most beautiful people you know?
– Do these people teach you something about God or about Jesus?


Watch this space! Coming up:  Question 32 – Do Christians believe in Mary?    

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About the author:

Nikolaas Sintobin, SJ, joined the Society of Jesus in 1989, following a short career as a lawyer. He was trained as a Jesuit in Brussels, Paris, and Santiago de Chile. Today he is a spiritual director who is keenly interested in online ministry and discovering new ways to help people find God.

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