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By Anna Correa
Mar 27th, 2019

‘Care for Creation’ has been an ongoing green initiative at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra West, India. This year most of the school activities have revolved around caring for and nurturing the environment through various green initiatives taken up by the school. Visible programs across the school premises like…planting of trees, segregation of garbage, E-waste, battery and TetraPak collection bins are done in collaboration with the parish of St Peter’s.   The work of the school was recognized and acknowledged, when the Nature Club of the school, which has been spearheading these eco-friendly activities, won the first prize at the Zonal Level Science Exhibition among 5 Wards and 500 schools in Mumbai.

#ProjectStanArt commenced in December 2018, when 2200+ school students of St Stanislaus High School and St Stanislaus International School participated in a drawing competition based on ecological themes. The winning artworks were then painted onto the school wall facing Hill Road, by the students, invited artists, parents and local community volunteers.

Through this paint-athon, we aimed to create awareness not only among the students, but also  the citizens of Mumbai. Twelve unique messages that highlighted the importance of Wetlands, the depletion of sparrows, forests being the lungs of the planet, conservation of water, recycling of waste, protection of endangered species, saving the environment, cleaning up the thrash, importance of keeping the ozone layer intact, usage of cycles instead of polluting vehicles, green consumerism and animal rights have been painted on the road-facing wall of the school.

The wall has now been transformed into a work of art. This is our expression of love for our planet. Our Love Song to the Earth!!!