Students Imagining “The World that Christ Desires” A Global Reflective Project!

The Sophia School Corporation Catholic Jesuit Center has started a picture exhibition showing the life of St.Ignatius.

The apostolic activity of the Jesuits needs to be revamped in accordance with the UAPs guidelines, and that was the object behind the launching of the ‘Ignatian Year.’ That is, Jesuits are called upon to accept and respond to this invitation to conversion. In compliance with this, Sophia University too, in view of the fact that it is a collaborator in the Jesuit Mission, decided on undertaking certain projects to deepen that awareness, one of which is an exhibition related to the life of St. Ignatius.

Events such as the Battle of PamplonaHis life of recuperation at Loyola CastleHis training in ManresaHis Pilgrimage to JerusalemHis study in Barcelona, Alcala, Salamanca, and Paris → and his encountering his companions, are presented, leading to the foundation of the Society of Jesus. One of these comrades was St. Francis Xavier, who is well known for introducing Christianity to Japan in 1549.

If these presentations enable people to attain an insight into the personality of St. Ignatius, we would consider our efforts repaid, and if that personality were to serve as an aid towards renewing ourselves, our happiness would be still greater.

For the exhibition, the Director of the Sophia School Corporation Catholic Jesuit Center, Fr. Sung-Il Lee, SJ, wrote the greetings and the captions to each pictures. The Chancellor of the Sophia School Corporation, Fr. Tsutomu Sakuma, SJ, made the opening speech during  the opening ceremony. Here is the video and pictures of the event.


From left, Fr.Sali Augustine, SJ: Trustee for General Affairs, Fr.Tsutomu Sakuma, SJ: Chancellor, Mr.Yoshiaki Terumichi: President, Fr.Sung-Il Lee, SJ: Director of Catholic Jesuit Center.