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By Erika Meyer
Dec 5th, 2018

January 30th is the School Day of Non-violence and Peace, a day to reflect on the importance of promoting peace and equality in our communities.

This year, we invite you to participate in the first ever Peace Action Contest, where students will work collaboratively to present an advocacy/awareness-raising campaign idea that promotes peace-building skills within their school community. Innovative ideas will be shared and receive recognition through the Educate Magis platform. The deadline for ideas is February 20th and winners will be announced on March 15th. Questions? Send Erika Meyer a message at [email protected]



  • Promote reflection on possible attitudes or core values that can prevent violence in today’s societies and the importance of building nonviolent responses to conflict resolution.
  • Encourage participants to identify themselves as peacebuilders in their community by identifying daily actions that they can put into practice to promote peace building skills in their environments.
  • Invite students to feel part of a larger network of Jesuit-educated youth working for justice in their schools, communities, and around the world.


Students develop an advocacy and/or awareness-raising campaign promoting peace building skills within their school community. Winning project ideas will be shared with the broader Jesuit Schools Network and receive recognition through the Educate Magis platform.

Students will create a logo/slogan, a written plan, and provide an audio-visual/artististic presentation using any form they choose (drama, song, graphic art, sculpture, design, video, infographic, etc.) to advocate for a specific value in their community that fosters non-violence and peace building related to the topics of care for the environment, social inequality/poverty, and gender equity.

Students and evaluators will follow the attached rubric for evaluation guidelines.


This activity will take place over at least two sessions of one hour each, susceptible to change based on the number of participants and school schedule.

To see the Materials, Activities for each session, and more materials to guide you on this contest follow this link Peace Action Contest