By Samuel Afonso, sj
Feb 21st, 2018

OFICINA – INA’s Professional School in Portugal is delighted to invite all Jesuit schools in our global community to the 8th edition of the Bgreen ecological film festival.

In this year’s edition of the global video contest, the inspiration is the symbiosis between human being and nature.

Under the slogan You are Nature, Bgreen aims to value our origins, the connection between humanity and nature and warn us about the damage we are inflicting and its impact on health, peace and the quality of life of the populations (hunger due to water shortages, armed conflicts created by the struggle for resources, the difficulty in accessing education that millions of children and teenagers go through because of lack of resources which fosters forced migrations, etc.). You are Nature also tries to call our attention towards inner change and the way it translates into action that can save or destroy our habitat.

Who can Participate?

This competition is open to all Jesuit schools around the world! In this 8th edition, there are, once again, 2 categories:

  • BGREEN for youngsters aged between 15 and 21 
  • BGREEN JUNIOR for students aged between 13 and 14 years old (students attending the 8th and 9th grade or equivalent in Portugal). 

When is the deadline?

Bgreen challenges all young students to send their short videos on environmental issues by April 12th, 2018. All participants will be invited to attend the festival’s award ceremony that will take place in Santo Tirso on July 8th, 2018.

The winners will be awarded an Eco-adventure trip to the Azores.

Where can I get more information?