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Today, November 5th, on the feast of All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus we are delighted to announce the official opening of the Virtual Global Art Exhibition “The World that Christ Desires”, which showcases reflective and imaginative artwork from students in Jesuits schools around the world, Australia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, IndiaLithuania, Madagascar, PhilippinesPoland, USA, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe are some of the participants. Thank you to all students and teachers who participated!

The artworks students have shared are the result of a reflective and contemplative process (Context, Experience, Reflection and Sharing, and Creative Action) outlined in the global project “The World that Christ Desires”. Teachers from Jesuit schools around the world accompanied students to dream up and contribute “to building a better world, where the dignity of people is respected and where young people live in a joy-filled harmony with nature” (Third UAP). These are some of the hopes Fr. General Arturo Sosa has also shared for young people. Here you can read some of the teacher’s accounts on how they accompanied their students in this project. Our Young Students Really Engaged Creating Pictures About “The World that Christ Desires”, My Sophomores Greatly Enjoyed the Reflective Exercise of the Global Project “The World That Christ Desires”, Our Students Reflected on The World Today as Part of the Global Project “The World that Christ Desires”, Experiencias Después de Implementar el Proyecto “El Mundo que Cristo Desea”, Les élèves du Collège Saint Michel Amparibe Madagascar participé au projet mondial « Le Monde que le Christ désire ».

Imagination is a source of creativity that enables us to think thoughts that take us beyond the usual and experience feelings that go deeper and can open new vistas and horizons. Imagination coupled with reflection and prayer can help us go deeper and experience our world and our relationships in a different way. “The World that Christ Desires” invited students to use their power of imagination and creativity to express what they experienced as they joined Jesus, as a friend, reflecting and praying, viewing the world with the eyes of Christ 

During this Ignatian Year we all have been invited by Fr. General Arturo Sosa to put Christ at the center of our attention. Saint Ignatius and the other Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus, whom we celebrate today (November 5th) can help us direct our attention to what we are all called to, to be companions of Christ and in Christ. This feast of All the Blessed and Saints of the Society of Jesus, can help us direct our attention towards Godin different ways, through the different personalities and gifts of this very colorful and indeed global company of saints and blessed

It is, therefore, an appropriate day to celebrate this Feast Day in our schools with the wonderful artworks of our students, who show us very diverse ways of imagining and illustrating “The World that Christ Desires”. We are blessed to have now these artworks as insights into how our students’ dreams, hopes, and plans for a more reconciled, just, peaceful, and compassionate world.

We would like to invite you to visit the Virtual Global Art Exhibition “The World that Christ Desires”, to get inspired by the creative artworks of students shared by schools from around the world. The images are very telling, but students also took their pens to write short poems, stories, or explanations to accompany their artworks. There are a number of presentations, with a series of images and text and some video presentations.  

If you are interested in submitting artwork for this global project please do so. We will keep the global virtual gallery open for submission for a while longer.