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Times are hard, and there seems not an easy way out.

Yesterday, I sat staring at the globe kept on the top of the bureau in my daughter’s room. What a promising world it was! What promising times! And, this day, everything has changed!

As a parent and an educator, it occurred to me that it is my turn now, to stitch the torn world, torn dreams, emotions, and so many other things that needed a stitch, even my old shirt, that called for a collar button which I never cared to sew.

With most of us inside the walls of our homes, the onus of schooling our children rests on us. We are to be their teachers, trainers, friends, motivators, guides and so much more!

To begin with we can make available a virtual academe or school for our kids at home. There are numerous apps, websites and what not in this digitally transformed world of ours. Children can learn and gain from various videos, interactive lessons, google books, video conferencing and their own school websites which am sure would be initiating the process of providing a platform for the students to learn and various other sources suiting different global situations.

After having fixed this academic world for our children, we need to take the most important of the steps. The world has been too fast in its pace to move on and on and on… And, here we experience a pause! Big things do not always bring big results, sometimes small, little things, actions, deeds leave everlasting imprints…

It’s time to connect the disconnected, to stitch what was torn or what remained lurking for a needle and thread.

Why not just begin with stitching a button, mending a sock, a favourite letter on a handkerchief, or may be some patch work! Volunteer to let your children be, themselves, help them discover their inner genius by being with them. Let them dance, sing, strum the strings of a guitar, draw, paint, sculpt, embroider, cook, bake, clean, watch, sleep, read, write, and express. Let them be chefs, cleaners, managers, photographers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, painters, actors, writers, poets, dramatists, researchers, scientists, teachers, guides, in all whatever they wish to be. Let them discover!

Set a family clock for some meditation, don’t tell your children to do but ask them to let you know how meditation could be done. I am sure, those creative heads will have numerous ways out… Tell your children to maintain a journal of these times, this will help them in catharsis of their heartstrings. Invite them to send mails to family, friends, teachers and other acquaintances inquiring after their health and well-being, or discussing anything that interests them. Read to them and invite them to read to you. Teach them how to be safe, responsible, share your feelings and validate theirs, show empathy and model forgiveness. Let them pick up the work of feeding birds that sing close to our windows and balconies. Organise for an indoor picnic, terrace camping, movie show, a virtual trip and always some family time. Find time to look for old memories and photographs, share them and don’t forget to cherish the smiles that your eyes would behold. Let them see you praying, sitting with clasped palms, their tender hearts will surely join you in your prayers.  A phone call to a neighbour also works at times!

Thus, the task of preparing our children rests on us, they have to be school ready, job ready but most importantly Life Ready. When schools become homes and homes become schools, we create soldiers that never stop but just SOLDIER ON!

Just take it, make it,one stitch at a time.