Olympic day is a day for the world to get active by doing sporting and cultural activities based on The Olympic Day pillars – move, learn and discover.” Olimpic.org

This June 23rd, 2017 we celebrate Olympic Day holding the drawing competition “Expression 2017” with the goal of understanding children’s ideas of peace through sport through their illustrations. The result of these pieces of art will be shared with the organizations that are currently working for peace, to inspire them with new ideas.

Olympic day is an important global event which was first celebrated on June 23rd, 1948 in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela, after its approval in January 1948.

Today, the Olympic Day’s mission has evolved to a worldwide endorsing of not only sports but also well-being, culture and education. It is a day for the world to get active, learn about Olympic values and discover new sports. Various cultural, educational and sporting activities for all ages, gender, social background and sporting ability will be held around the world. Some countries have even incorporated the event into the school curriculum.

Through the participation in Expression 2017, we as a Global Network of Jesuit Schools are a stepping stone by which many more children can be propelled towards becoming ‘ambassadors’ of Peace!

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Today is the last day for submission of your artwork. If you haven’t already done so, scan or photograph your paintings and submit to expression@sloba.net!

Winners will be announced on Educate Magis at the end of June 2017.

See details of Rules and Regulations below:

Category ‘A’ – St. Lawrence High School

Category ‘B’ – All Jesuit Schools Worldwide 

Expression 2017