By Xavier Jesuit School Cambodia
Apr 23rd, 2018

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy is the old adage!  

Well the playground spaces of Phnom Bak Primary School and Dey Lo Primary School are the answer to too much work and no play!

In the past few months, the playgrounds have been transformed into a place of wonder and fun, through the amazing kindness and generosity of donors from both the Netherlands and Korea. These beautiful playgrounds are indeed a dream come true for our children and indeed for the children of the surrounding areas, who equally enjoy the facilities. 

It is delightful to listen to the cheers, laughter and glee of the children as they slip through the tunnels and down the slides, only to land safely on the carefully constructed sandpits. We are so grateful to the kindness and generosity afforded to this school and to our students.

new playgrounds in Cambodia