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As many of us continue to teach and learn from home, wary that students may be struggling with motivation, we are looking for new ways to engage our students and provide them with exciting and inspiring learning experiences. In thinking of creating new ways for students to research and learn about Global Citizenship issues such as ecology, racism, migration (to name but a few) which affect us all, Maria Oliva Garcia de Cassasola, a teacher from Spain, together with some colleagues from different Jesuit schools across the world began to explore the idea of connecting their students with a teacher in another part of the world who they could interview on such issues and how they affect people in another part of the world.

How does the Global Project Work?

  1. The students prepare their questions in advance, doing some research on the country of the person whom they will be interviewing and the topic they have chosen, and send the questions to the teacher before connecting.
  2. During a live video connection via Connected Classrooms on Educate Magis the students then have the opportunity to ask the teacher these questions, learning from the teacher’s real-life experience. This would also give teachers an opportunity to learn from students in another part of the world, broadening their own perspectives while enriching those of the students.

To try out this idea, Oliva’s students prepared questions for Ciara from the Educate Magis team on Global Citizenship which Ciara answered on a Connected Class with the students.

“I have no words to express my gratitude for the video call we maintained yesterday. It was a great experience for my students and also for me. We learnt a lot about Global citizenship issues from you, in a very pedagogical and interesting way. Many thanks. I can see that my students are quite interested in learning more about this matter and they are willing to connect with more Jesuit schools; they want to take action and I can feel their enthusiasm. I am very excited about continuing these interviews with the other schools, and keep on working on collaborating on the global network.” Oliva, Colegio San José de Villafranca

“I was amazed at the breadth and depth of the questions students asked. It gave me a really wonderful insight into what aspects of Global Citizenship these students were intrigued and excited about and equally what they are concerned about. I really enjoyed this experience and am looking forward to hearing how teachers find it”Ciara, Educate Magis

Now it’s your turn!

Would you as a teacher be interested in hosting an interview for students in another part of the world? And/or would you like your students to have the opportunity to interview someone in another country on Global Citizenship issues they are currently learning about in class?

Join this group here and leave a comment. We will be delighted to support you and help you connect!