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By Mark Cummins .
Nov 12th, 2015

Here are some of the new features that were added last month.

Search Improvements

  • We have given each section of the site their own independent search area. Whether you are looking for a keynote, video, school or blog article, it should be easier to find now. It also allows us to improve the search going forward.
  • We have also improved the documents search by adding an `Order By` widget which allows you to sort documents by date published, title or by author.



  • You can now mention other users in conversations. When you mention a user, they receive a notification that you have done so. You can mention a user by using the @ character followed by their first name or username.


Improved Member Search

  • We have also added a new member search section. This functionality allows you to search for members within a school. Head over to the members section and select`Order By: Country/School ` to try it out.

country search

Content Widgets

  • We have added 2 more content widgets to the video and keynotes resource sections. There may be some resources in one language that are not in others. You can use these widgets to see how many resources are in each language and to quickly jump to a different language to find more content.


Improved Site Usability

The user profile and group profile pages have also been updated.

  • You can now Join/Leave a group from within a group.
  • You can Friend/Unfriend users from their profile page.
  • Private/Public message users from their profile page.

Look out for the new buttons on the group and profile pages.


As always, there have been plenty of updates and site improvements going on in the background. There are lots of new features planned for the future too and as always, we’ll keep you updated.