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By Mark Cummins .
Mar 13th, 2016

Advanced member search

We have added an advanced search for members to the site. The search includes profile, role, teaching level and department fields. This should help you to find other members with similar interests.

One of the key parts of the form is the departments section. This has been designed with teachers in mind and will allow our community to easily find and reach out to other teachers who work in specific departments. Each department will have different subject areas, for example the `Business Studies` department has `Accounting`, `Commerce`, `Economics`, `Finance`, `Management` and `Other` subject areas. The `Other` field can be used if the subject areas that we have chosen do not match your context.

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Updating your profile

Of course for the advanced search to work, we will need you to update your profile and we have made it easier to do this. If you go to your profile and click edit, you will see 5 new tabs,

  • About Me
  • School/Organization
  • Departments
  • Contact/Social Media
  • Bio/Interests

Organizing the profile fields into these areas should make it clearer and easier to keep your profile up to date.



We have also added a survey capability to the site. The surveys will help us to get to know our community better and to evoke discussion on topics which are important to you. Our first survey will be on `Practicing the Examen with Students` and it will be available for our members to take part in and complete.

We also hope to release more public surveys in the future for everyone to participate in. As we publish new surveys, we will invite our community to take part and participate in these too.