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By Educate Magis
Aug 20th, 2020

Join Fr. Brendan McManus, SJ, on a truly Ignatian pilgrimage from Loyola to Manresa in Spain that led to unexpected roadblocks and constant changes to his itinerary. While navigating an unclear path, he discovered new joys and consolations in the life of faith. Using the spirituality of St Ignatius, Brendan explains how you use reflection, discernment and the movement of spirits (consolation and desolation) to navigate life’s difficulties, references to the Spiritual Exercises are given in extensive footnotes as well as an Ignatian bibliography.

In The Way to Manresa, McManus travels along the Ignatian Camino pilgrimage trail to Manresa, where St. Ignatius penned his Spiritual Exercises. This walk takes McManus on a physical and spiritual journey that will lead him down a path of deep personal discernment.

The experience of McManus demonstrates that true freedom comes only after we learn to let go of our expectations and let God be our guide.​

Here a link to the book on Loyola Press: The Way to Manresa – Discoveries Along the Ignatian Camino